Penta Kenya Limited is a fast rising real estate company fully owned by experienced Kenyan entrepreneurs. It was formed when five individuals who were delivering real estate services as separate entities came together to leverage their experience, knowledge and resources to deliver affordable high quality real estate experience for lower end investors. They chose the name Penta, which is the Greek word for five. Penta, or five, has a deeper meaning to our directors as it symbolizes God’s grace, goodness and favor towards humans.

Penta was formed to address the glaring gap that existed in Kenya’s real estate industry where there were no affordable quality land packages for those still working for their future.  Only affluent buyers were being offered high quality value-added land deals such as serviced plots with electricity, water, roads and social amenities. Penta is here to change this

We are focused on transformation. Building on our success from our projects such as Penta Place in Kathimani, Machakos and Penta Ridge I, II and III and Penta Gardens – all in Matuu, we are working to transform Matuu into a vibrant new city in the same fashion as investors transformed Las Vegas from desert to one of the most popular cities in the world.

We Deliver the Promise

Penta Kenya is guided by principles of transparency, integrity, trust and delivering on the promise. Before acquiring land to resell, we conduct thorough due diligence to ensure that every transaction is above board. We carry forward these qualities to our clients, ensuring that we only give them genuine property. We promise title deeds and we deliver.

Further, we ensure that we know where all the roads and road reserves are mapped. We make sure we do not infringe on public land, we investigate legal status and we ensure there are no tussles with neighbours.

When we sell land, we don’t just take the money and leave you to your own device: we remain engaged. Apart from providing water, graded roads, electricity, perimeter fence and secure gates, we also give you an exclusive getaway resort at affordable prices. You are never alone.

The Future is Bright

We have big plans just for you. Currently, we are offering value-added agribusiness plots at Matuu Town in the progressive Machakos County through our exciting Penta Gardens project, but more is coming. We are in advanced stages of adding affordable housing as part of the new deal. Many lower tier buyers have acquired plots with intentions of building residential or rental houses but the cost of construction has remained beyond them. We shall fill this gap too.

We have an ambitious but attainable plan of putting between 200-250 acres of land in the hands of lower end buyers in 2017. This will be delivered together with agribusiness, affordable housing and unparalleled quality and value. We shall organize financing by partnering with banks and other institutions to make your dream of owning land, or a home, a reality.