Kitui Investor Conference

From the recent Kitui investor conference, the county government officially commissioned mining companies to explore and excavate the natural resource they have, this will see Kitui County grow economically;

• Coal in Mwingi- Mui basin
• Limestone ( for cement) and iron ore in Kyuso – Mumoni – Tseikuri

Please see below the details;
• 1/8th Acre Plots ( Residential & Commercials)
• Gated community – serviced plots
• Electricity and borehole water
• Graded murram roads
• Planted trees
• Social amenities
 (Green area) play park/ pray area
 Kindergarten ( plot for sale)
 Dispensary ( plot for sale)
Cash Buyer

Kshs. 210,000

Sale Deposit Kshs. 50,000
100% payments within 30 days

Installment Buyer

Sale Deposit Kshs. 50,000
Balance payable in 24 months equal installments. Special arrangement can be made for longer payment period.

We have scheduled site visits every Wednesday and Saturday at 7am and 1pm, but special arrangement can be made on any other day.

Kindly contact us to book a plot or for more information. You can also share these details with family, friends, colleagues and business partners.

We remain dedicated to offer you quality at its best on low cost (affordable) plots.

Looking forward to have you invest in one of the fastest growing counties.

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