Welcome to PENTA GARDENS our 5th project on the cards etc. The piece of land measures approximately 70 acres in size tucked about 10 mins off tarmac on an all weather road earmarked for tarmacking in fast growing commercial cum residential Town (Matuu town).

The project will comprise of affordable (1/8th and ¼ plots) Agri –business serviced plots, residential plots, commercial plots etc. Penta Gardens will also boast of a gateway facility that will be accessible at extremely discounted rates to our clients.

Affordable housing will also be part of Penta Gardens prepositions. Investors will have opportunity to choose approved plans for their farm homes and have the same constructed at discounted installment prices.

Apart from the gateway facility, investors will also get to enjoy well graded roads, secured perimeter fencing, lavatory facilities, Fresh borehole water, dam, manicured garden, electricity etc.

Penta gardens will also offer clients an opportunity to make money over the appreciation period of their property through agri-business. The product will be a complete package where it will be bundled as follows:

  1. Green house set up for green house option
  2. Open farming set up for open farming option
  3. End to End Farm management services
  4. Agri-Insurance
  5. Guaranteed market for the produce.
  6. Three years contract renewable yearly.


1/8acre plots up for grabs:

  1. Cash Option @ ksh 450,000. (Payment within 7 days).

Expected Returns

  1. Returns on Green House investments expected ksh 200,000 per season (6 months) ksh 400,000 per year.


Projected farming crops:-

  • Herbs

After year one, investors will be required to pay a maintenance charge of ksh 25,000 per season.