So much to live for

After work, we want to sit back and relax. Loose the tie. Kick off the shoes. After one has been hard working at a problem at the office for eight hours, you just want to unwind. Take it easy. Refresh. Eat. Drink. 

You are rested and you get up and take a shower. You dress up for a night out. Call a friend or two whose company you enjoy.  You arrive at that posh, high end club and find your friends already seated at your favorite corner, sipping their usual drink.  You make an order for a drink.

As you slowly sip in the cool drink, you suddenly feel grateful.  An overwhelming sense of gratitude fills up your belly. You have come a long way. Got your education. Went up the career ladder. Now living the life of your dreams.

Would this have been possible in a nation full of turmoil? Nations that have experienced upheaval pass through your mind…. 

Your reverie is interrupted as your friends ask for your suggestions to your next group vacation. You mention two destinations in Kenya. Your friends are discussing the merits and demerits of each destination….occasionally laughing.

Elections are ten days away. You hear yourself say almost in a whisper:

‘ It’s important for us to safeguard  freedom in our nation.’

Your friends hear the uttered prayer and look up, surprised. Then nod vigorously. They understand. They go back to drafting the plan for your next vacation.


There’s too much to lose if we do not vouch for safety and security to prevail in the elections and afterwards.  Through our words and actions.  After we make the individual decision to uphold the law, look around and ensure that close to us are of like mind.  In the event that there are elements around us plotting evil, we must use all in our power to thwart their plans, lawfully. Chiefly, persuasion.


Challenge those who want to blame their pitfalls or dissatisfaction on another group and who want to subsequently unleash revenge. Shake to sober up anyone who in the least sense plans to cause disorder.

Your friends and yourself have so much to live for, so much to do. Cicero said,

 ‘I prefer the most unfair peace, to the most righteous war’.  

It is not possible to plan ahead for one’s life in a tumultuous environment.  In an upheaval, we are using all our energies and resources to ensure our safety and security.  No luxury of planning the Kenyan dream. No luxury to plan for good times. Winston Churchill. Who was Prime Minister of England said,

‘If the human race is to enjoy material prosperity, then we must live in harmony with each other, and help each other.’

Let’s not take our freedom for granted. ITS GREAT TO HANG OUT AT THE CLUB  WITH FRIENDS like you.

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